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Fit2glo is a unique D2C brand that caters to athletes, sports persons, and people living active lifestyles. The brand formulates its products with naturally extracted ingredients designed to help individuals achieve their skincare needs.
What sets Fit2glo apart from other brands is that it is the first natural skincare brand that specifically addresses the needs of active individuals. Their products are curated in such a way that it provides maximum benefit to people who lead an active lifestyle.

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Our Team

Fit2Glo’s parent company, 7-SECRETS, was founded by Mr. Rajnish Kumar and co-founded by Ms. Aanchal. Their combined passion for skincare and active living led to the creation of Fit2Glo, catering to those who prioritize both performance and self-care.

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Promising our customers the best quality products infused with natural ingredients

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Providing customers with the best quality products at reasonable prices is a hallmark of success.

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